Welcome Home Ladies

Wendy Williams is a clinical esthetician and make-up artist with over 29 experience in the beauty and skincare industry. During those years, Wendy has worked with top dermatologists, plastic surgeons, OBGYNS, and Cosmetic Industry Leaders. She was also the international trainer for a leading aesthetic equipment company.

This comprehensive experience led Wendy to create Wendy’s Face Place. The Face Place is a safe and fun environment where women can “take off their mask”….get real…and learn authentic information about what is best for their own skin-based on their wants, needs, and budget.

Wendy treats her clients’ skin, be it aging, sun damage, or stress, using a combined medical, cosmetic, and homeopathic approach.

She is constantly looking down rabbit holes for the Best of the Best and offers the highest professional products and treatments available. There is a lot of “noise” in the skincare world…. Wendy figures it out and makes it easy for her clients. Whether Wendy’s Face Place introduces you to a new lipstick or a beautiful after treatment glow, you will feel empowered and able to hold your head a little higher and feel a little better about yourself because Wendy knows and believes in her core that every woman deserves that feeling. Happy Healthy Skin is Glowing and Reflective. And little skin love and light from Wendy promises to go a LONG way.


A Rezenerate Facial™ immediately helps to improve tone, texture and balance, and restores a healthy, refreshed glow to your skin. The epidermal layer of the skin is rejuvenated and the conditioned skin retains a healthy plumpness, minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles by the end of even your initial treatment. You walk out feeling and looking amazing with the full benefits of the Rezenerate Facials having just begun!



INNOVATIVE SKINCARE is dedicated to producing highly effective, clinically validated skincare products that deliver dramatic visible improvements to the skin. One of my favorite lines ever!!!!!



Everyone deserves a skincare experience that not only promotes healthy skin but inspires permanent results. This is Beauty Uncompromised™.

Osmosis Beauty is a disruptive skincare brand!!! I LOVE disruptors!! Dr. Ben Johnson created patented, exclusive skincare and wellness technology that holistically restores the skin to a youthful and toxin-free environment. Osmosis results for aging, rosacea, blemish-prone skin, and more are second to none. Dr. Johnson’s unique philosophy is based on analyzing the skin and body as a whole, treating skin conditions at the source to restore beauty and wellness. Osmosis provides the tools needed to create the ideal environment to encourage real results while teaching you the most important causes of skin decline to help guide prevention for the future.



Lashes for Love …..Maybe my fav lash product because of the love story…. An original, one-of-a-kind, Ophthalmologist developed lash conditioner that enhances the look of lashes and protects against breakage, while improving health, flexibility and strength, for lashes that thrive, naturally.

Developed by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff


Established in 2006, the story began with just one product – the original lash conditioning serum – inspired by the immense love between our founder and his beloved wife Gayle, as a solution to help her feel beautiful during her courageous fight against breast cancer.

Time-Master-Pro-tool.gif The Time Master Pro

Obsessed with this lil guy!!! The Time Master Pro offers a multitude of skin care benefits in one powerful device. The skin feels tighter as you use the device for immediate and lasting anti-aging improvements. Oxygen to the cells increases and waste is removed from the pores throughout your treatment. Ultrasound vibrations at 90,000 waves per second (90 kHz) with only a slight warming of the skin. The device measures the same frequency as a professional-grade laser device, but the energy is low and does not damage the skin like the heat from a laser treatment. Ultrasound waves cause a vibration of the surrounding skin tissues, which removes wastes, strengthens, lifts, and plumps the skin. The rapid oscillation of tissue action of ultrasound will induct collagen. The skin tightening and the plumping effect occur as you are using the device.



You all know how much I love energy……Well….clients LOOOOVE this magical energy facial! Beauty is a frequency, TAMA micro current facials connects you to its power! Activating the body’s natural electrical and magnetic currents.

Detox. Lift. Tone. Infuse.



Literally Obsessed with this lil nugget!! Whatever skin care you use…this enhances it’s potential!

The EPIC Skin Tool is a patent-pending tool designed to maximize the performance of your skincare by promoting deeper penetration of active ingredients, without compromising skin health. BENEFITS: Weighted handle featuring hundreds of mini-pyramids that penetrate just beyond the lipid barrier. Up to 30% more of a product’s active ingredients will penetrate deeper and perform more effectively. 360-degree, angled rollers that gently glide over facial contours creating micro-channels in a safe zone. Increases circulation, firms, and re-energizes the skin. Can be used safely anywhere on the face, neck, or body, and on most skin types. (We do not recommend the EPIC Skin Tool for people severe acne, rosacea, or dermatitis). Supports lasting results at-home between professional treatments by enhancing any skincare routine for faster, more advanced results.



Hydrafacial™ is a NEW breakthrough in Aesthetic Technology. It takes its name from the root word hydrate. This ability to moisturize the skin separates the Hydrafacial ™ from all other skin resurfacing procedures. It is the industry’s latest method of skin cleansing. Hydration is the foundation of healthy skin. Dry red irritated skin has been proven to increase the signs of aging. The Hydrafacial ™ removes dead skin and impurities while bathing the new skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing skin solutions. The treatment is soothing, refreshing and immediately effective.

It combines the “Power of Three”

  • The exfoliation and resurfacing of microdermabrasion
  • The skin renewal of a chemical peel
  • The hydration and extractions of a deep cleansing facial.