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Refresh- Instantly

A Rezenerate Facial TM immediately helps to improve tone, texture and balance, and restores a healthy, refreshed glow to your skin. The epidermal layer of the skin is rejuvenated and the conditioned skin retains a healthy plumpness, minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles by the end of even your initial treatment. You walk out feeling and looking amazing with the full benefits of the Rezenerate Facials TM having just begun!

Restore- In the next days to come...

The groundbreaking nanotechnology used in the Rezenerate Wand TM allows for maximum absorption of targeted serums. Whether you're combatting aging, blemishes, sunspots, or other skin issues- direct delivery of these serums right to the edge of the dermal layer will restore the ideal micro-enviornment your skin needs for optimal function and regeneration. In a matter of days a brand new, smoother, more radiant and even toned layer of skin will start to appear.

Renew- Over the course of two weeks...

The delivery of targeted serums to the top of the dermal layer in conjunction with the Rezenerate Facials TM, awakens the skin's collagen-producing cells, which become sluggish and stagnant as we age. Over the course of just two weeks skin firmness and elasticity is increased. Combined with the other brilliant results achieved by The Rezenerate Facial TOM, skin is left with an invigorated, youthful appearance. Long term improvements can continue to be seen for weeks even after a single facial.

A series of only four to six Rezenerate Facials TM over a period of two to three months is recommended to achieve the maximum results and benefits.

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