I was fortunate enough to meet Wendy when I was pregnant with my third child.  She was a dream come true!  I was battling melasma and breakouts and Wendy helped me to obtain the healty pregnancy glow everyone talks about.  Two and a half years later, I am still raving about Wendy and her products and services.  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Wendy as an esthetician, make-up artist and person.  I have searched for years to find someone to help me navigate through the sea of facial products and their benefits.  I have finally found her! Everyone that I have introduced to Wendy agrees.  Thank you Wendy!!

I was lucky enough to have a friend who already used Wendy's products and services and recommended her to me. I was in my mid thirties and still experiencing blemishes, dry skin and pigment issue from past sun damage.  When I first met with Wendy she was a great listener and very knowledgable.  Most, if not all products, she had used on herself and could tell me how they may impact my skin, and how long it would take to improve my blemishes, dry skin and pigment issues.

Wendy is not pushy in any way.  She makes recommendations but allows you to make the decisions on what products and services you want. Since seeing Wendy, my skin has greatly improved. I no longer break out like I did on my T-zone,  The texture of my skin has become softer and smoother.  I also get a lot of compliments on my skin and I was even recently told by another esthetician during a facial, that my skin looked great and to keep using my current products.  I have also started getting Hydrafacials. I love the way it makes my skin glow.  Plus, I enjoy meeting with Wendy.  She is fun and easy to talk too about anything, not just my skin.

"Wendy offers an individualized approach to skincare.  Her products and treatments are effective and my skin has never looked better.

She is a true professional in the skincare industry.

My daughter recommended Wendy to me.  She was seeing the doctors at CWC and had met Wendy there.  My daughter had such wonderful things to say about Wendy: how professional she is, how dedicated and how effective her advice is about skincare.  Wendy takes each concern as a serious one.  No question is too stupid.  Wendy ALWAYS have a suggestion-and if she is not sure, she will research the question.  When I go to Wendy, I feel good about myself.  She is positive and knowledgable, kind and and compassionate.  It's not just about the face :)  I would recommend Wendy (and have) without hesitation.

I was referred to Wendy went for my first microderm peel and was hooked!  Wendy is a true find in the cosmetic industry.  She promptly responds, always takes her time and great care when I am receiving a service, and only recommends products she has tried on herself! I would definitely recommend Wendy and have many times.  Everyone who goes to see her, says they cannot wait to go back!!  I am often asked how to order products!.  I have learned so much about my skin and how to better care for it.......I only wish I had met Wendy in my 20s!

I am a busy mother and professional and had hit the wall eighteen months ago. I went to Wendy because I was having trouble sleeping and it was showing on my face. I believe the exact words that I used during my initial visit were "I don't have the time or money for snake oil, Wendy , so be honest with me and hook me up with the best value for my dollar. ". Wendy did that and so much more. She approached my wellness holistically, eventually referring me to a physician that has become part of my wellness plan. Time and time again, Wendy has gone out of her way to care for me, and she is a key component of my journey to wholeness. I believe in surrounding myself with life giving people, and Wendy is at the top of my list.

Wendy Williams has been an invaluable source of skin care expertise for me for the past 15 years. I have relied on her professional knowledge through my late 20's, 30's and now starting into my 40's. Over the years, Wendy has been able to offer countless solutions to address my on-going aging concerns. She has continuously educated herself with leading-edge skin care products and treatments, and been able to customize a skin care plan specifically for me.

As I am both a busy career-oriented woman and an active Mom, Wendy has been able to provide me with the professional make-up and application techniques which have made me feel confident in my appearance at the office and at home. I find my appointment time with Wendy very enjoyable, educational, and a key part of how I continue to look and feel my best.

I have enthusiastically recommended Wendy to my family, friends and co-workers -- all of them have been very happy with the services that she provides and are grateful that I have introduced them to such a professional, top-quality skin care expert!

I have been a client of Wendy's for the past four years. Initially, I went to see her based on the glowing recommendation of a close friend. I've been consulting her since because of all that she has to offer! There are so many skin care and makeup products on the market; each one claiming to perform various miracles. Wendy helps to boil down all the noise and finds the right products for YOUR skin. Her knowledge is incredible. With her vast professional background and related degree, she helps educate me by making sense of the latest and greatest ingredients and claims. The makeup and skin care lines she carries are top notch and you can find good products for your skin type in your price range. Wendy offers very personalized makeup and skin care consultation. She spends time getting to know you and your skin, allowing a customized experience. The bottom line for me is to have healthy looking skin and Wendy is my Go To Gal. Not only is she knowledgeable and professional, she is an absolute pleasure to work with each and every time!

I first heard about Wendy Williams and her skin care services through an article written by her for the Howard county Women's Journal. Wendy's article was truly unique because she encouraged women to accept themselves and embrace what makes each one of us special. She said, "We spend a lot of time discovering and disliking all the things that make us who we each are individually - our freckles, our fine lines, the fading color of our eyes, how our lashes don't curl naturally, how our hair is too straight or too curly. We spend a lot of time wishing for change, longing for sameness and rejecting our uniqueness." How true that was for me, always fighting the reflection that I saw in the mirror, hoping for a new product that would fix the way I look. When I first visited Wendy's skincare studio at the Women's Wellness Center, Wendy and I talked for a long time about my expectations and the health of my skin. Through the years, I have struggled to change my dry, very sensitive skin into skin that is comfortable and normal. In my search for this miracle skincare solution I have acquired so many products and advice that I was totally confused and frustrated by how my face was always inflamed, itchy and even drier than before. I remember Wendy taking a lot of time to discuss what treatments I had tried and then she asked me to wash my face with a gentle cleanser so that she could further assess my skin. I will never forget her reaction when I removed the thick layer of camouflage that I used to hide my redness. My skin was hot to touch and very inflamed something that I had gotten used to. Wendy asked if she could apply a calming treatment while we discussed a new approach to my skin care. Within minutes after applying the calming treatment my skin quieted down and felt comfortable. Wendy and I then discussed eliminating my old routine and using Osmosis Pur medical skin care products and glo therapeutics. She wrote out a new regimen for me and explained what each step was, what product to use and why. Less than 24 hours after visiting Wendy my skin felt comfortable and less dry than it had in years. Wendy called several times over the next few days to monitor my progress and to answer any questions. That was 8 months ago and my skin has never looked better. Wendy has also shown me how to apply makeup, and what to keep and what to eliminate from my makeup bag. Thanks to Wendy's advice, kindness and patience, I am learning how to accept that reflection that I see in the mirror each day, how to work with the unique features and how to downplay those that I find less desirable. The other day as I was passing by the makeup counter, tempted to stop and find out what new products were out, when a young woman approached me from behind the counter and said "You have the most beautiful skin, I wish mine looked that healthy." Thanks Wendy!

Wendy is awesome. I so admire her skin and product knowledge. She truly loves her job and it is obvious. She never tries to “up-sell” me or make me feel uncomfortable about a sale. I buy from her because I trust her and her expertise. You WILL NEVER regret a visit or the products you buy.

Wendy is so much fun to work with. She is caring, creative and has such high standards of integrity. She has excellent products that I’ve not seen anywhere else and I’ve learned new make-up techniques that which make me “glow”

I met Wendy while she was a medical esthetician for a plastic surgeon. I was her pharmaceutical rep. I knew hundreds of estheticians and Wendy stood out way above the rest. Now eight years later, she is still the best person in skin care that I know. She is hands on and never fails to check in with me after a treatment. I love that. It shows me she cares about her clients. If you are looking for results, Wendy Williams is the best.

A cosmetic surgeon recommend Wendy for microdermabrasion. I was impressed with Wendy’s breadth of knowledge in skin care. Although I looked red immediately after the first treatment, I could clearly see that my skin was smooth and very soft to the touch. I became a regular client and practically stop having the occasional breakouts. Wendy is not your average superficial salon technician She is impressively well informed, is an experienced professional esthetician with sound knowledge in her field. I have recommend Wendy to several people who are very satisfied and will continue to do so at every opportunity.

I chose Wendy becuse I heard great things from a friend who is a client. Sometimes it is difficult to trust an esthetician, but I know I am in good hands with Wendy. I trust her judgement. Always a pleasant visit. Great products and great advice.

I am so glad I found you. Wendy is more than just someone I buy products from. I trust her to help me with my skin problems. She offers me great advice on new products and truly cares about me. She will never pass along anything she would not use on herself. Wendy wants you to look as beautiful as you can.

From the very first visit I had with Wendy, she made me feel at ease. She is a great listener and always gives you her undivided attention. Her knowledge of skin care and makeup is very thorough. It is her professional knowledge and experience as well and her personality that makes me a loyal customer. I live in Northern VA, so at first I thought it might be too far, but the office is easy to get too, and well worth it.

Wendy is incredibly knowledgeable about the products and services she recommends. She takes the time to talk you through the products and gives you lots of options. She responds quickly and makes you feel like you are her only customer. I live in VA and am floored how quickly she get products to me. She has blown my expectations out of the water. She is a ton of fun and great to talk with too!

I felt a comfort level with Wendy that I have never felt with any other esthetician. I did not feel pressured into buying products that would not work for me. Wendy educated me in simple terms with excellent products. People ask me what my secret is, I would love to keep it to myself but I have to give the credit to Wendy. I would absolutely recommend Wendy. I prefer to call it bragging!

Wendy is amazing. She is a concerned and caring professional who strives to provide the best treatments for her clients. Wendy gives you personalized service and she is a joy to work with. Even though I have moved away from the area, I still prefer to go to Wendy for my products because I know she will not sell me something unless she knows it is beneficial for me.

You always make me feel beautiful. When I am getting services done, I am completely comfortable and at ease. Your room is clean, inviting and it reflects you and the kind of service you provide. Plus, I received the best Microdermabrasion I ever had.

I love that Wendy is so personable. She never pressures you into buying products. I’m impressed by the way she is constantly learning about new skin care treatments and products. I feel extremely confident she will take good care of me. Although she is quite a distance from me, my friends and I are happy to make the drive because we trust her. Wonderful results from the peels. My skin glows.

Wendy is a great esthetician who has become a great friend. She is knowledgeable, supportive and a great communicator. She consistently follows up with any visit and product purchases. She is so much fun to be with and the professional benefits are great. Her approach emphasizes natural and healthy products. If I lived closer, I would be there weekly. Thank you Wendy!

I first met with Wendy when she worked at a plastic surgeons office and when she branched out I decided to follow her. I have changed my facial routine completely, my skin is soooo much better and I don't waste money buying products that are not beneficial to me. Wendy knows my skin and what products are best and what is the I not only enjoy the procedures and products, She is very much fun to be with.

I feel so much better about my skin now and am using what I have learned from Wendy to help my own daughters. Working with Wendy has really helped to build my self confidence and feel positive about the "aging process”. Wendy provides individual attention and confidentiality. Insight into the latest trends in make up/application and a scientific approach towards skin care. Plus access to products not available in the "mainstream". Excellent services, a very professionally run business.

I have been to several offices in the past ten years and Wendy is by far my favorite. Not only does she listen to her patients, but she brings such warmth and energy to your treatments. It's like a girls' gab session and a great peel, all in one! Clearer, smoother skin, less blemishes and a great peel in a relaxing atmosphere! I recommend Wendy all the time! She is very attentive, experienced and you genuinely cares about her patient's needs and goals.

We choose you based on a glowing recommendation by a mutual friend. So glad we took her up on it! You always exceeded our expectations with your caring ways and genuine concern. We have the best looking brows and make sure they stay up to standard between visits. We greatly benefit from your professionalism and knowledge of the quality products you offer. We would definitely recommend your business and services to others. We always look forward to our appointments with you and always leave your relaxing atmosphere feeling just beautiful!!