Ladies and gentlemen, prepare to get younger! Okay, obviously, nothing will make us actually younger, but there is one product that can help all of us -- women and men, alike -- look younger.

NeriumAD is the powerhouse product.

I think the sound I hear is your collective "oh yeah" being shouted.

The Back Story
About a year ago, a client introduced me to NeriumAD. I looked at it. It seemed great, but I had just purchased a new, state-of-the-art piece of treatment equipment and wasn't able fully to explore a new skincare product at that time.

Five times since, other clients asked about the same product. They were hearing about how effective it is and wanted to know what I thought. What I thought was, I better take a look at this product... now! I didn't want to be missing something revolutionary in skincare. Revolutionary indeed. I was extremely impressed with the science behind NeriumAD. And the before and after photos I was seeing were hard to ignore! I did my due diligence, even speaking with other estheticians and doctors who were using the product. They told me they -- and their patients -- were blown away by the results.

The Powerhouse Promise
As a clinical esthetician with over 20 years in the skincare industry, I always have worked with the finest skincare products and treatments available. It's my job to keep my eyes and ears open for the latest and greatest, but also to be skeptical of the newest "miracle in a jar." So what if I told you this product addresses almost all of our skincare concerns? What if I said that a biotech company developed NeriumAD so you can be confident of its scientific foothold? What if I informed you that it has proven results -- providing up to a 47% improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, tone and texture, even in pigmentation.

Are you shouting with enthusiasm again? I am... and so are my clients, friends and family who are already using NeriumAD and seeing results.

The Unexpected Science
While conducting clinical studies at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, research physicians found that a derivative of the Nerium oleander plant could help treat the skin cancer of patients.

Their unexpected discovery was that the derivative also happened to produce significant improvement in the appearance of those patients' fine lines, deep wrinkles, scars and age spots. After continued scientific research, FDA safety testing and product trials over 11 years, NeriumAD was born.

The Good-Buy Product
As I always do, I started using NeriumAD for myself before offering it to a few clients. Wow. We are seeing dramatic results in just a short period of use. One of my long-time clients said she has seen more lightening of her hyperpigmentation (sun spots) after using NeriumAD for only seven days than she ever has seen after years of using high-end prescription medical products, getting microdermabrasion and having numerous deep chemical peels.

This truly is one product that's delivering real, dramatic results with just one use each day. NeriumAD is a gentle cream formula made from natural ingredients. It does not contain any harsh acids or chemicals and does not make skin sun sensitive. You can use it on your face, neck and d├ęcolletage -- even the backs of your hands!

Simply wash your face with a mild, sulfate-free cleanser. Then apply four pumps to your slightly moistened face (neck, hands and more) before bed. It's not a moisturizer, so your skin may feel a bit tight once the product dries. In the morning, simply wash it off and follow your normal skincare protocol. (And, if you've learned anything from me over the years, that should include applying sunscreen!)

Most people will start to see a positive difference in their skin within 7-10 days of use, but I recommend a 30-90 day regimen for the most significant results.

The Enthusiastic Esthetician
Because there are so many skincare products available, it really takes a lot to get me excited about one of them. Well, hear me shouting: I am really enthusiastic about this product! I have never seen results like this with just one product after just a few applications. I can honestly say, to date, this is one of the best products I have ever used. I know you will be thrilled with your new skin. See for yourself; try NeriumAD. With the product's 30-day money back guarantee, all you have to lose is your wrinkles!

Wave goodbye to them now by visiting my NeriumAD website at And, as always, feel free to call or email me.