Advertorial—Howard County Women’s Journal (851)


Discovering Pretty Within

When I was a little girl, my mom always told me, “Pretty is as pretty does.” I probably didn’t appreciate the sentiment then, but I certainly do today.

So this month I want to focus on what pretty really is. For those of you who follow my articles, you may remember that I wrote about this topic a few years ago. At this body-conscious time of year, I think it’s important to bring light to it again.

In my profession, I witness women battling themselves to fit into a perfect mold, to achieve an ideal they have envisioned for themselves. I’m guilty of it too. This is where the big “OBVIOUS REMINDER” sign should be blinking above our heads…there is no perfect mold, no ideal.

We are each unique. We are ALL unique. We are each special. We are ALL special. I am enough. YOU are enough. It is really that simple. Simple, but not necessarily easy to remind ourselves of.

We women, especially, tend to focus on what we look like or what people think of us. I’m guilty here again, too. Truly, what people think of us is none of our concern. Others’ judgments about us really are just a reflection of their own feelings about themselves. So when we’re thinking harshly about someone, it’s likely that we’re just unhappy with that something in ourselves.

So many of us battle insecurity. So…what if we really started to believe that we are enough? As is. Perfectly imperfect. Flawed, but flawless. Once we accept ourselves, real happiness has a chance. Don’t fear it! Embrace it. We will fail. We will fall down. Our hearts will be broken sometimes. This is all a part of life. And the lows only help us to appreciate the highs on this rollercoaster called life. Come on. Let’s enjoy the ride!

Say nice things to yourself. Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts are real. You are your thoughts; I am mine. Think negatively and you not only put out negative, but you receive negative. Think positively and, yup…you get positive and others feed you positive. Like really does attract like. 

Have you ever read a book or article and thought, “My friend needs to read this article.” Guess what? That really means that you got something positive out of the article and just want to share the positivity. This definitely resonates with me. 

I just finished a fantastic book by Sean Achor. I highly recommend “The Happiness Advantage.” It explores the idea that if we change our thoughts we can change our lives. All we are is our thoughts—conscious and unconscious. By shifting our thinking, our focus, we can see and feel differently.

Years ago, my family and I were in Disney and decided all to wear red shirts so that we could find each other more easily. I saw every red shirt in the park that day.

Just like when you get a new car and suddenly start noticing just how many people drive the same make and model. And married ladies, when you first got engaged, did you notice everyone’s ring? You bet you did. Our honed-in thoughts cause our brain to see that on which we were focusing. So let’s all focus on the good stuff!

Just as I have challenged myself, I task each of you to do two simple, yet meaningful, activities each day.

  1. Some time during the day, write down three things for which you are grateful. Read your list before bed and refresh your mind with them again when you wake in the morning.
  2. Write a few sentences in an email or text to let someone you care about know why they are special to you.


Doing these two quick things will help train your brain to think positive thoughts. 

Another powerful activity is paying it forward. Don’t you LOOOVE when the person in front of you buys your coffee or pays your toll. Continue the goodwill and pay it forward. And, better yet, be the person who starts the chain of good deeds. There can’t be many better ways to spark a fire of positivity within yourself than when you start the day giving someone else a boost.

The love that is visible in parents’ eyes when they gaze at their children is so beautiful. And when those children fall down, no parent yells. Rather, mom or dad assures the child that everything is OK, then help the child get back up.

Let’s do that for each other. Behold the good in others. See that. See it in yourself. Treat others as you want to be treated.

Positive vibes are in the air. I’m sending them out to you. Receive them, absorb them…and then pass them on. We are all amazingly different, yet we are all the same. We want to be loved. We want to love. And it all starts with loving ourselves.

Find your unique or special quality. Let that be your vision of perfection. Celebrate you. Then celebrate others.  

Mom was right again! Join me in embracing what it really means to be pretty.

Wendy Williams, L.E. is a licensed medical esthetician and make-up artist with over 20 years experience. She provides her clients the best in medical skin care treatments, educates them on good skin care practices and introduces them to beneficial products. Her practice—within Capital Women’s Care—is located at 7625 Maple Lawn Boulevard, Suite 1, Fulton, MD 20795. Visit her website at www.WendysFacePlace.com, or contact Wendy at 410-303-3176 or Wendy0912@aol.com.